How to Stop Losing Money Through Online Gambling 

After learning my trade in the smokies, ancient casinos of downtown Las Vegas, I found it difficult to transition to internet gambling when it became popular. Having said that, I’ve been around for a while and now divide my time between actual casinos and online casinos. 

Both websites have distinct advantages, but I’ve recently become aware of a troubling pattern whenever I work online: it appears that I’m losing ground. The act of losing itself does not bother me, but the frequency with which it occurs online most emphatically does. However, after some thought, I was able to come up with five reasons why it appears that you are losing more money when gambling online

1: You play a higher number of hands, spins, and reels per hour

To begin, one of the most noticeable differences between traditional land-based casinos and online casinos is the speed with which the games are played. Consider for a moment that you are sitting at a blackjack table in Las Vegas with a live dealer, intent on playing a real session. 

You and the other five players place your initial bet before the dealer distributes the starting hands to each player at the table. When the action comes back to you, you decide to take a shot, then another, before settling on 19. The dealer will take their turn after each of the other players has had their turn. The lost bets must now be swept into the dealer’s board, and the winners will be paid their winnings. 

After a more than a minute delay, the cycle concludes with a new round of betting. This approach is completely consistent with the facts, as research has revealed that live blackjack games with six players typically deal sixty hands per hour on average. 

But how does the tempo of the game change if you reverse the situation and imagine yourself playing blackjack online? There is no need to wait for anyone else at the table because you are the only one left. Furthermore, placing a wager requires no more effort than a mouse click. The cards will appear on the screen a few seconds later, and you will have only ten seconds to check your basic strategy charts and decide what move to make. 

The card animations will then scroll to reveal the dealer’s hand as well as the cards you’ve drawn. To summarize, your payment is computed and accounted for immediately before being added to the remaining table balance experienced players can complete it even faster. 

Even though the house edge in online blackjack is quite low, playing four times as many hands per hour as you would in a live game is not a good idea. You will now face the house’s advantage four times more frequently, resulting in four times more defeats throughout the game. 

Pacing is an issue that exists across the board in terms of the games offered by online casinos. Whatever game you want to play, you will always be able to play faster online. 

2 – The number of sessions played each month has increased significantly

Similarly, players who switch from traditional casinos to online casinos eventually see a massive increase in the scope of their action. Let’s say you used to go to your local tribal casino twice a week to play video poker, but now you only go once. Because each journey results in an eight-hour session, you use the devices for a total of sixteen hours per week. 

The vast majority of your real money video poker, on the other hand, can be played at home using a brand new account at an online casino. Even if you don’t play on the computer for eight hours every day, you easily exceed the previous limit of 16 hours per week. 

Because you now have seven days instead of two, you are free to play for three hours each night after the children have gone to bed. When three hours are multiplied by each night of the week, the answer is 21 hours of activity per week. The simple act of switching from in-person gambling to online gambling increased your overall volume. Furthermore, any increase in the total amount of play is bound to result in a decrease in the bankroll.

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3 – The payoff odds on the most popular customer wagers have been slightly reduced

When it comes to online casinos and video poker, one of the most common ways for unsuspecting players to be taken advantage of is through payout odds manipulation. 

As an example, consider the well-known card game “Jacks or Better.” When playing Jacks or Better in a real casino, the Game King machine will most likely provide a 9/6 paytable. This means that flushes will be worth six coins, while full houses will be worth nine. The ‘full pay’ table has a payback percentage of 99.54 percent, which is a significant advantage of using this table. 

When you play VP online, the identical Jacks or Better game usually has a lower paytable of 8/6 rather than 9/5. The full house is now worth eight coins instead of nine, but all other payouts have remained unchanged, so most players will not notice the difference. 

At first glance, this change may not appear to be all that significant. The payback rate has been adjusted to 98.39 percent, which means your path to profitability will be significantly more difficult. 

The most reputable real money online casinos will never engage in such deceptive practices, but there are plenty of others who are eager to mislead their customers. 

Make it a habit to thoroughly examine the pay tables as well as the payout odds before placing a wager on any online gambling game. Consider them in relation to the total salary or the regular odds offered in Las Vegas. And if you notice a gap in your defense, throw in the towel and don’t look back. 

4: You’re confusing the concept of free benefits with spending your own money

If you take $500 to a local casino and lose it all, consider yourself to have lost exactly $500; the amount is neither higher or lower. If you make the same deposit into an online account, you will almost certainly be eligible for a match bonus just for getting started. Because of the additional $500 online casino bonus, your initial deposit of $500 becomes an additional $1,000 to play with in an instant. 

However, because nothing has changed in your luck, you end up losing the entire stack once more. In any case, you contributed $500 to the house’s purchase. So, why does the house appear to be more painful than the others? You made the all-too-common mistake of mistaking the money you received as a bonus for your funds. 

It is critical to remember that you will not be able to withdraw these bonus funds until you have met the “play through” requirements. To put it another way, you won’t be able to keep the money unless you’ve wagered a certain amount of it along the way. 

Seeing the balance of an account drop from $1,000 to zero dollars can be a startling experience, to say the least. However, in this case, the actual amount of money lost was only $500, not the full $1,000 that you had anticipated losing in the first place. 

Bonus dollars are exactly what their name implies: a bonus. You may decide to make the funds available for withdrawal, but you may also decide not to. Until you have achieved this goal, do not become so attached to money that it appears to be your own. 

5: You chase your losses and place long bets because you believe no one is watching you

Ask yourself honestly: If you were in a real casino, would you ever risk being caught playing a game designed for suckers like Ferris Wheel 6? It is one of the worst games in any casino, and I can confidently say that I would not play it. The image that a game like Big 6 creates is far more important than the game’s appalling odds. These games are designed for casual players, not seasoned gamers like you and me. 

Taking your money and playing online is an entirely different story. Since no one is around to roll their eyes or wonder if you’ve gone insane, you might as well learn what the Big 6 is. Or games such as keno, slot machines, or any other game that people of greater skill enjoy laughing at? When you play online games, you have the rare opportunity to avoid criticism from other players. You are the only one who must pay attention; neither the dealer, your neighbor, nor the passers-by will. 

When this opportunity presents itself, many online gamblers push themselves outside of their comfort zones by trying new games, arguing against bad bets, and generally making mistakes that could have been avoided. 

Our thoughts on why internet gambling results in higher losses

The rise of online casinos, like any other technological innovation, has brought with it both increased convenience and new challenges. You can, of course, play your favorite casino games from the comfort of your couch, where there is also a significant increase in the number of available options. 

Playing games at home guarantees that you will always have access to them, but there is no guarantee that a larger selection will result in higher-quality games. One of the most significant factors contributing to rising financial losses is the increased speed of play inherent in online gambling. However, as you have discovered, this is an illusion caused by the significant differences between playing games online and playing games in person.


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