5 Brands Of 5th Wheels You Should Steer Clear Of

The open road calls to many, and if you’re like us, having a sturdy and dependable home on wheels is the dream. But not all 5th wheels are created equal. Over the years, through trial, error, and countless hours spent at repair shops, we’ve learned that choosing the right brand is crucial. So, here’s our take on a few brands that you might want to think twice about before taking the plunge.

Brand X: Disappointing Durability

While the interiors of Brand X can be quite appealing with their modern designs, the real issues lie beneath the surface. We’ve heard numerous complaints about the undercarriage rusting prematurely and mechanical issues popping up just after a year of usage.

Brand Y: Where’s the Customer Service?

Your 5th wheel is bound to have a hiccup or two; it’s just the nature of the game. But when it does, you’d hope the manufacturer has your back. Unfortunately, with Brand Y, reaching customer service can feel like a game of hide and seek – one that you don’t have time for when you’re dealing with a leaky roof.

Brand Z: Deceptive Weight Limits

One of the more alarming finds was with Brand Z. Though they advertise being lightweight and easy to tow, the real weight (when all is said and done) can dangerously toe the line of your vehicle’s towing capacity. It’s one thing to be light; it’s another to sacrifice essential structural elements.

Brand Poor Insulation

Spending a chilly winter night in your 5th wheel can be cozy – unless you’ve invested in Brand A. The insulation, or lack thereof, has led many a traveler to wake up feeling like they’ve camped in an icebox. Not the most pleasant way to start your day.

Brand B: Not-So-Smooth Rides

Driving down a highway shouldn’t feel like you’re on a roller coaster. With Brand B, the suspension system leaves much to be desired. And trust us, when your dishes are clinking and clanking with every bump, it’s hard to keep your peace of mind.


  • Are there any good models within these brands? Absolutely. Every brand might have a few models that outshine the rest. Always read reviews specific to the model you’re interested in.
  • Do these brands offer warranties? Most do, but always check the fine print. Some warranties are limited and might not cover all repairs.
  • Where can I find trusted 5th wheel brand reviews? RV forums, direct customer feedback, and online RV communities can offer real-world insights.
  • Is it better to buy new or used? Both have their pros and cons. New 5th wheels come with warranties but are pricier. Used ones are more affordable but might have wear and tear.

Navigating the world of 5th wheels can be tricky, but we hope this guide sheds some light on brands that might not live up to the hype. Remember, your RV is your home on the road, and making an informed choice will lead to countless happy memories down the line. Safe travels!

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