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Your straightforward guide to understanding how we manage your data.

Your Data, Your Control

Here at Quick Help Support, your data privacy is paramount to us. Your trust is our treasured asset, and thus, we’re unwavering in ensuring transparency about how your data is utilized. Dive into our privacy policy to understand the nitty-gritty of it all.

Navigating Through Our Website

You’ve landed on: Every digital interaction here is secured, and any data you choose to share with us through comments or other interactions remains strictly in our care.

Decoding Comments and Data Collection

Post a comment, and here’s what happens:

  • Data Collection: The comment form visualizes the data you’re sharing, combining it with your IP address and browser user agent string, enhancing our spam detection vigilance.
  • Gravatar Check: Your email address will create an anonymized string (a hash), potentially sent to Gravatar to check for service use. Concerned about Gravatar’s policy? Discover more here. Your approved comment will publicly showcase your profile picture.

Media and Your Shared Images

Uploading images? A gentle reminder to avoid sharing images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) to safeguard your privacy, as website visitors can extract this location data from the images.

The Cookie Jar

See our guide on cookies!

  • Commenting Again?: Opt to save your name, email, and website in cookies and avoid the retyping hassle next time you comment. These cookies stay for a year.
  • Login and Display Choices: Logging in sets cookies saving your login info (2 days) and display choices (1 year). Choose “Remember Me” and stay logged in for two weeks.
  • Article Edits: Edit or publish an article, and a cookie, holding no personal data but just the post ID of the article edited, stays for a day.

Peeking into Embedded Content

Including embedded content (like videos and images) from other websites means these sites might collect data, use cookies, or embed additional third-party tracking, monitoring your interaction with the embedded content.


Request a password reset, and your IP address will be included in the reset email, just so you know.

Holding onto Your Data

  • Commenting: Your comment and its metadata linger indefinitely to ensure follow-up comments are recognized and approved without languishing in moderation.
  • Registration Data: Registered on our website? Your profile data is stored, accessible, and editable by you at any time (username excluded).

Your Rights Over Your Data

Own an account or left comments? You can ask for an exported file of your data or request erasure of your personal data, not including data we’re required to retain due to administrative, legal, or security obligations.

Your Data’s Destinations

A heads up that visitor comments might be verified via an automated spam detection service.

Thank you for navigating our privacy policy with such diligence. Your trust is invaluable, and ensuring your digital safety on remains our steadfast commitment.

Navigating through the layered intricacies of data management can be a task, but not here at Quick Help Support. Keeping things transparent, your data and your control over it remain pivotal in our interactions.

Landing at Quick Help Support

You’re here: Rest assured, every digital step you take is wrapped in security, safeguarding your interactions and data shared through comments or engagements.

Commenting and Data Practices

Chiming in with a comment? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Data Collected: Your comment form, IP address, and browser user agent string work in sync to amp up our spam detection.
  • Gravatar Check: A hash, made from your email and sent to Gravatar, checks for an account. Delve into Gravatar’s policy here. Upon comment approval, your profile picture is public.

Media Management

Giving you a nod to be mindful when uploading images. Bypass sharing images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) to prevent website visitors from extracting this data.

Cookie Considerations

  • Commenting Ease: Choose to save your name, email, and website in cookies, sparing you from re-entering details for future comments. These cookies remain for a year.
  • Logging Details: Logging in sets cookies for login info (2 days) and display preferences (1 year). Select “Remember Me” to log in for two weeks.
  • Editing Endeavours: Editing or publishing an article leaves a cookie, free from personal data, indicating the edited article’s post ID, sticking around for a day.

Embedded Content Insights

Incorporating embedded content means it behaves exactly as if you’re engaging with it on the original website, possibly collecting data and using cookies.

Sharing Your Data – A Closer Look

IP addresses are included in password reset emails for security and transparency.

Retaining Your Data

  • Comment Metadata: Your comments and their metadata stay indefinitely, easing the approval of any follow-up comments.
  • Profile Info: Registered? Your profile data is stored and is viewable and editable by you, with the exception of your username.

Control Over Your Data

You’re entitled to request an exported file of your data or the erasure of your personal data, aside from data we’re mandated to retain for legal, administrative, or security purposes.

The Voyage of Your Data

Expect visitor comments to be validated through an automated spam detection service.

Diving into the Forum

Forum Participation and Data:

  • Your Profile: Engage in our forum and your profile data, including your posts, comments, and “liked” content, is visible to others in the forum community.
  • Private Messages: Direct messages between users are confidential, yet in case of a reported issue or conflict, administrators can access these messages.
  • Engagements: Participating in polls, quizzes, or other interactive content? Your responses may be visible to others and might be used for collective data analysis or insights.
  • Topic Creation and Participation: Crafting topics or chiming in on them leaves your username and responses visible to others in the forum.

Your Forum Data Management

  • Deletion Requests: You can request the deletion or anonymization of your forum posts or account.
  • Data Export: At your behest, you can request an exported file of your forum interactions and shared data.

Quick Help Support is your digital ally, assuring you that your data is handled with utmost care and security. Thank you for entrusting us with your digital interaction and for immersing yourself diligently in our privacy policy.

Compliance Intent

Navigating the digital waters often demands a meticulous adherence to a variety of legal frameworks. At Quick Help Support, we fundamentally embed an unwavering commitment to complying not only with the local laws of Washington State and the broader USA but also with international standards and regulations pertaining to data protection and online interactions.

Your Digital Footprint Across Borders

We understand that our digital reach extends across geographic borders, traversing various jurisdictions and their respective legal frameworks. Consequently, we meticulously strive to ensure that Quick Help Support adheres to the multifaceted legal considerations implicated by international data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and other analogous statutes worldwide.

A Summary of Our Steadfast Intent

  • Best Effort Basis: Your interactions on Quick Help Support are cocooned in our best efforts to adhere to applicable legal standards, both locally and globally.
  • USA State Laws: While situated in the splendid state of Washington, we also conscientiously consider and strive to comply with the diverse array of state laws scattered across the USA.
  • International Law Adherence: To our international visitors, we extend a digital handshake, pledging our commitment to honoring the data protection norms prevalent in your respective locales to the best of our abilities and understanding.
  • Dynamic Legal Landscape: Recognizing the ever-shifting nature of data protection laws, we remain nimble, continuously updating our practices and policy to mirror current legal stipulations.
  • Data Integrity: We not only look towards legal compliance but also intertwine a strong ethical thread through our data practices, ensuring your data is managed with integrity and respect.

With a spirit attuned to continuous learning and adaptation, Quick Help Support will persistently navigate through the evolving landscapes of data protection laws, ensuring that your digital interactions remain safeguarded under prevailing legal umbrellas. We extend our gratitude for your trust, and reciprocate by steadfastly preserving the sanctity and security of your data, ever mindful of the legal and ethical responsibilities entwined therein.

If ever in doubt or curiosity, your thoughts and questions regarding our data practices and legal adherence are always welcome. Connecting with us ensures we can continuously refine our practices, remaining your steadfast, reliable source for quick, and of course, legally mindful support.

— Doug and Stephanie, Quick Help Support LLC, 2023 —