5 Must-Have RV Apps For Smart Travel

Ah, the thrill of the open road, the beauty of ever-changing landscapes, the joy of a campfire under the stars – the RV life truly is one-of-a-kind. But as seasoned travelers like “you” and “I” know, a little tech can make the journey smoother. Just as “you” would never forget to pack your camping essentials, these RV apps are vital additions to your smartphone toolkit.

1. Campendium:

  • Relating to RV Life: Ever been to a campsite that was a total letdown? Or conversely, stumbled upon a hidden gem? Campendium is like having a seasoned RVer buddy guiding “you” to the best spots.
  • Use it to read reviews, view photos, and filter by your specific needs – from family-friendly sites to ones that allow pets.

2. RV Parky:

  • Relating to RV Life: Think of this as your ultimate RV directory. Just as “you” would have a go-to playlist for road trips, this should be your go-to app for finding parks, campgrounds, and rest areas.
  • Let “your” travel style guide your selections, and make sure to leave reviews for fellow RVers.

3. GasBuddy:

  • Relating to RV Life: The road is unpredictable, especially when it comes to fuel prices. GasBuddy is like that handy roadside sign that says, ‘Cheapest gas, next exit!’
  • Plan your refueling stops ahead to save some money which can be used for extra marshmallows for the campfire.

4. Roadtrippers:

  • Relating to RV Life: Perfect for those who love the journey as much as the destination. Like having a treasure map, it highlights all the interesting spots en route.
  • Sync the app with your planned route and discover new sites, quirky stops, and natural wonders.

5. AllStays Camp & RV:

  • Relating to RV Life: The Swiss Army knife of RV apps. From low clearance bridges to overnight parking tips, it’s a comprehensive tool for your RV adventure.
  • Familiarize yourself with the app before your trip. It’s a broad tool, so know where to find what “you” need swiftly.

In today’s digital age, “your” RV travels need not rely on just paper maps and random suggestions. Arm yourself with these indispensable apps, and let technology guide you. So, next time you fire up that RV, ensure your smartphone’s geared up too. Let the adventures begin!

FAQ : “5 Must-Have RV Apps for Smart Travel”

Are these apps free or paid?A: While most of these apps offer free versions with ample features, some might have premium versions that offer added functionality, much like some RV sites have added amenities for a price.

Can I use these apps without internet access?A: Many apps offer offline features. However, for the most updated information, especially on prices or availability, an internet connection is preferable.

How often are these apps updated?A: Regular updates are common for such apps, ensuring current data. It’s always a good practice to keep your apps updated, much like keeping your RV in check.

Do these apps cover international locations or just the US?A: While some apps primarily focus on the US, many have expanded their database to include international locations. Always check app descriptions for coverage.

Are there apps specifically for RV maintenance reminders?A: Yes, there are dedicated apps like ‘Maintain My RV’ that can help you keep track of maintenance schedules, akin to a digital logbook.

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