Best 4×4 Vehicles With Campers: Off-Road Camping Guide

As an experienced off-road camper, I know that having the right vehicle is essential for a successful trip. That’s why I’m put together this guide to the best 4×4 vehicles with campers.

Here are a few of my top picks:

  • Toyota Tacoma: The Toyota Tacoma is a popular choice for off-road camping because it’s reliable, capable, and relatively affordable. It’s also available with a variety of camper options, from simple pop-up campers to more elaborate truck campers.

Personally resonant tip:

I own a Toyota Tacoma with a pop-up camper, and I love it. It’s the perfect size for my wife and me, and it’s capable of taking us anywhere we want to go.

  • Jeep Gladiator: The Jeep Gladiator is another popular choice for off-road camping. It’s known for its ruggedness and off-road capability. It’s also available with a variety of camper options, including pop-up campers, truck campers, and even camper trailers.

Personally resonant tip:

I’ve rented a Jeep Gladiator with a truck camper in the past, and I was really impressed with its off-road performance. It was able to handle everything I threw at it, including steep hills, rocky terrain, and even a few river crossings.

  • Land Rover Defender: The Land Rover Defender is a luxury off-road vehicle that is also available with a variety of camper options. It’s known for its off-road capability and comfortable accommodations.

Personally resonant tip:

I’ve always dreamed of owning a Land Rover Defender, but they’re a bit out of my price range. If you’re looking for the ultimate off-road camping vehicle, though, the Land Rover Defender is a great option.

When choosing a 4×4 vehicle for off-road camping, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Off-road capability: Make sure to choose a vehicle that is capable of handling the terrain you’ll be driving on. This means looking for a vehicle with four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and good approach and departure angles.

Personally resonant tip:

Once, I got my Tacoma stuck in a mud pit while off-road camping. Luckily, I had a winch and was able to pull myself out. But it’s important to be prepared for anything when off-road camping, so make sure to choose a vehicle that is capable of handling any challenge.

  • Towing capacity: If you’re planning on towing a camper trailer, make sure to choose a vehicle with a tow rating that is sufficient for the weight of your trailer.

Personally resonant tip:

I’ve towed a variety of camper trailers with my Tacoma, and it’s handled them all well. But it’s important to make sure that your vehicle is capable of towing the weight of your trailer before you head out on your trip.

  • Cargo capacity: If you’re planning on bringing a lot of gear with you, make sure to choose a vehicle with enough cargo capacity to hold it all.

Personally resonant tip:

I always bring a lot of gear with me when I go off-road camping. I like to be prepared for anything, so I pack everything from food and water to tools and spare parts. That’s why it’s important for me to choose a vehicle with plenty of cargo space.

Choosing the right 4×4 vehicle for off-road camping is an important decision. By considering your needs and budget, you can choose a vehicle that will help you to have a safe and enjoyable trip.


What are some of the benefits of off-road camping?

Off-road camping offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Freedom: Off-road camping allows you to camp in remote areas that are inaccessible to traditional RVs.
  • Adventure: Off-road camping can be an adventurous experience, as you often have to drive through challenging terrain to reach your campsite.
  • Scenery: Off-road campsites often offer stunning scenery, as they are typically located in remote areas.

What are some of the challenges of off-road camping?

Off-road camping also presents some challenges, including:

  • Access: Off-road campsites can be difficult to access, as they often require driving on challenging terrain.
  • Weather: Off-road campsites are more likely to be affected by severe weather, such as high winds and snow.
  • Amenities: Off-road campsites often have limited or no amenities, such as water, electricity, and sewer hookups
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