Best Midsize SUVs For Towing Travel Trailers: Top Picks For 2023

Hey there, passionate RVers! Steph here, and I’ve got to confess: my heart skips a beat every time I see a midsize SUV effortlessly towing a gleaming travel trailer. It’s all about striking the right balance between power and size. Having ventured across the country in different vehicles, I’ve jotted down a list of the best midsize SUVs ideal for towing your precious trailer this year. Ready to find out the top contenders for 2023? Let’s roll!

1. Ford ExplorerWhy I Love It: The Explorer has upped its towing game. With a towing capacity that can handle most mid-sized travel trailers and advanced tech features, it’s a front-runner in its class.

2. Jeep Grand CherokeeWhy It’s Worth Your Time: Jeep has a reputation for ruggedness, and the Grand Cherokee is no exception. It’s a blend of luxury, off-road prowess, and towing capacity.

3. Chevrolet BlazerSteph’s Special Mention: Its powerful V6 engine ensures you have the grunt needed for those hilly terrains, making your journeys smoother.

4. Honda PilotDon’t Miss Out: Equipped with an advanced AWD system and robust towing capacity, the Pilot stands out, especially if you’re venturing into slightly tricky terrains.

5. Hyundai PalisadeWhy It’s a Gem: Apart from its commendable towing limit, it’s spacious and loaded with tech features, ensuring a comfortable drive.

Essential Considerations:

  • Towing Capacity: Ensure the SUV’s towing capacity aligns with your trailer’s weight.
  • Tech Features: Look for SUVs with trailer sway control or advanced camera systems for easier hitching.
  • Fuel Efficiency: When towing, fuel consumption can spike. An efficient SUV can save you a lot at the pump.

Steph’s Personal Tip: Always double-check the vehicle’s user manual to ensure you’re not exceeding the towing limits. Safety first, always!

While each SUV boasts unique features, your choice should align with your specific needs and the nature of your travels. Wherever the road takes you, ensure your vehicle is up to the task!


Steph, any particular SUV you’d personally buy for towing?A: Having tried quite a few, the Jeep Grand Cherokee holds a special place in my heart. It’s rugged yet luxurious!

Is upgrading the SUV’s brakes essential for towing?A: It’s a good consideration, especially if you’ll be towing near the SUV’s max capacity regularly.

How do I ensure my travel trailer is compatible with the SUV?A: It’s all about weight. Ensure your travel trailer’s loaded weight is well within the SUV’s towing capacity.

Any specific brands that offer better warranties for towing?A: Most reputable brands cover towing under warranty, but always double-check any conditions or exceptions.

Should I get a special towing package from the SUV manufacturer?A: If available, absolutely! These packages often include essential upgrades and features for safe and efficient towing.

Remember, it’s not just about power; it’s about towing with confidence. Here’s to more adventures on the road with the perfect SUV-trailer combo! Safe travels!

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