Best RV Locks For Security: Top Picks And Reviews

But ensuring the security of your home on wheels is paramount. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the top RV locks on the market to help keep your adventures safe and worry-free.

Why RV Security Matters

Your RV is not just a vehicle; it’s your home away from home. Whether you’re parked at a campsite or boondocking in the wilderness, having reliable locks is essential to protect your belongings and your peace of mind.

Our Top Picks

1. RVLock V4.0 Keyless Entry Lock

  • Key Features: Keyless entry, remote control, and keypad access.
  • Why We Love It: Convenience and security combined. No need to fumble with keys.

2. ToughGrade RV Door Lock

  • Key Features: Sturdy construction, easy installation, and fits most RVs.
  • Why We Love It: Reliable and budget-friendly.

3. Trimark RV Door Lock

  • Key Features: High-quality construction, multiple locking points, and durable.
  • Why We Love It: Offers extra protection and peace of mind.

4. Master Lock 265D Security Bar

  • Key Features: Adjustable, durable, and adds an extra layer of security.
  • Why We Love It: Affordable and easy to use.

5. RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock

  • Key Features: Fits most travel trailers, reliable, and comes with keys.
  • Why We Love It: Provides security without breaking the bank.

Enhancing RV Storage Security

Steph’s Tip: It’s not just about the main doors. Ensuring your RV’s storage compartments are secure can deter potential thieves and protect your valuables.

Camco Cam Lock: These locks are specifically designed for RV storage compartments. The Camco Cam Lock provides added security with its unique key system that reduces the chances of duplicate keys. Built with weather-resistant materials, it stands up to frequent travel challenges.

Cabinet and Interior Locks

Steph’s Tip: While external security is crucial, don’t neglect the inside. Securing cabinets can prevent unwanted access and keep items from moving during travel.

WOOCH RFID Locks: A modern approach to RV cabinet security, the WOOCH RFID Locks, provide keyless access to cabinets and drawers. It uses RFID cards, adding a touch of techy security to your RV interiors.

RV Window Security

Steph’s Tip: Windows can be potential entry points. Ensure they’re just as secure as your doors.

Slide-Co Window Sash Lock: For added window security, the Slide-Co Window Sash Lock is a fantastic pick. Easy to install and durable, it provides that added layer of protection to your RV windows.

RV Alarm Systems

Steph’s Tip: An alarm system is a significant deterrent for potential thieves, giving you an additional layer of peace of mind.

Fosmon Anti-Theft Alarm: This motion sensor alarm is perfect for RVs. The Fosmon Anti-Theft Alarm is easy to install and can detect any unwanted movement, sounding a loud alarm to alert you and scare off intruders.

Security Cameras for Your RV

Steph’s Tip: A visual deterrent, security cameras can also provide evidence in case of any security breaches.

Arlo Pro 3: A favorite among many RVers, the Arlo Pro 3 offers wireless installation, crystal-clear footage, night vision, and even two-way audio. Its app lets you monitor your RV from anywhere, ensuring your mobile home’s safety.


Do I need to replace all my RV locks, or are there specific ones I should focus on?

While it’s a good idea to upgrade all locks for maximum security, start with your entry door lock and storage compartment locks.

How difficult is it to install an RV security lock?

Most RV locks are designed for easy DIY installation, and many come with detailed instructions.

Can I use these locks on older RV models?

Yes, most of the locks mentioned are designed to fit a wide range of RVs, including older models.

What additional security measures can I take besides upgrading locks?

Consider adding motion sensor lights, security cameras, and an RV alarm system for enhanced security.

Are these locks resistant to weather and rust?

Yes, many of the locks listed are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and are made from durable materials.

Enhancing the security of your RV doesn’t have to be complicated. By choosing the right locks and implementing a few additional security measures, you can enjoy your RV adventures with peace of mind, knowing your home on wheels is well-protected. Safe travels, and may your journeys be filled with adventure and security! 🚐🔒

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