Campers With 2 Bathrooms: Quick Options For Large Families

There’s a familiar scene that Steph often chuckles at from her RV travels—a line outside the camper bathroom, especially in the morning. As a camper enthusiast, she understands the value of comfort and convenience, especially for large families. If you’re yearning for an RV experience that doesn’t involve waiting turns or bathroom schedules, you’re in for a treat. Dive in with Steph as she highlights campers designed with ample elbow room in mind.

The Double Bathroom Advantage

Having two bathrooms in a camper isn’t just about luxury. It’s about functionality, privacy, and enhancing the overall camping experience, especially for larger families or groups.

Steph’s Top Picks for Campers with Double Bathrooms

1. Grand Design Solitude:

  • Features: Spacious, luxurious, and designed for extended stays. Ideal for families wanting a homely feel on the road.
  • Steph’s Experience: “Feels like a condo on wheels! The two full bathrooms are a lifesaver on busy mornings.”

2. Keystone Montana High Country:

  • Features: A luxurious fifth-wheel option with ample living space and well-designed dual bathrooms.
  • Steph’s Insight: “Perfect for families who value privacy and space. And oh, the storage in this one is a dream!”

3. Forest River Cedar Creek Hathaway:

  • Features: Boasts of a spacious floor plan with two dedicated bathrooms and elegant interiors.
  • Steph’s Take: “Every inch screams luxury. The second bathroom is compact but incredibly functional.”

4. Jayco North Point:

  • Features: A blend of luxury and practicality, ideal for large families or those planning long trips.
  • Steph’s View: “I adore the master bathroom, and the second one ensures no one’s ever waiting in line.”

Double the Bathrooms, Double the Fun Steph believes that RVing is about freedom and comfort. And what spells comfort more than not having to jostle for bathroom turns? Especially with kids in tow. As she’d often say, “Sometimes, the best adventures are the comfortable ones.”

The Kids’ Perspective: A Bathroom of Their Own

For families traveling with kids, having an extra bathroom can be more than just a convenience—it can be a space of independence and learning. Having a separate bathroom allows children to manage their hygiene routines, from brushing teeth to taking baths. It also teaches responsibility as they’re tasked with keeping their space clean. Steph’s suggestion for young families? The FroggToggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel. During her travels, she found it to be perfect for kids after a day of outdoor activities. Dampen it, and it offers a cooling effect—ideal for quick freshen-ups when they’re not quite ready for a full shower.

Eco-Friendly RV Bathroom Solutions

Being eco-conscious, especially on the road, is a concern for many RV enthusiasts like Steph. With two bathrooms, the consumption of water and other resources can be higher. But there are ways to mitigate this. Steph swears by the Aqua-Kem RV holding tank treatment – it’s biodegradable, helps break down waste, and reduces odors. Alongside, investing in water-saving showerheads and faucets can make a difference. She loves the Oxygenics BodySpa RV Shower Head for its efficiency in providing a powerful shower experience while saving water.

Designing for Comfort: Personalizing RV Bathrooms

Just as you would personalize your home’s bathrooms, why not do the same in your RV? Steph believes that a personal touch can make the RVing experience more intimate and homely. She recommends adding non-slip bathroom mats for safety and aesthetics. Her go-to? The Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Mat. Not only does it add a plush feel underfoot, but it also ensures the bathroom floor remains slip-free.

Optimizing Storage in RV Bathrooms

Given that space is at a premium in most RVs, utilizing every nook and cranny becomes paramount. With two bathrooms, there’s a need for double the storage solutions. Steph has a few tricks up her sleeve for this. Her favorite find from Amazon has been the mDesign Over-the-Door Towel Rack. It’s easy to install and offers additional hanging space without drilling holes. She also loves the Aozita Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set, which efficiently organizes bathroom essentials while adding a touch of rustic charm.

The Luxury of a Spa Day on Wheels

With two bathrooms on board, why not transform one into a spa-like retreat? After a long day exploring, nothing feels better than indulging in some self-care. Steph’s secret to a luxurious RV bath experience is the Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution and Foaming Bath. It’s perfect for soothing sore muscles and calming the mind. Combine that with the InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser for aromatherapy benefits, and you’re all set for a spa day right inside your RV.

FAQ : Campers with 2 Bathrooms: Quick Options for Large Families

Are dual bathroom campers much pricier?
While they can be on the higher end, Steph thinks of it as an investment in comfort. There are also budget-friendly options available.

How do I maintain two bathrooms on the road?
Maintenance is crucial. Steph recommends regular checks, especially if both bathrooms see heavy use.

Do two bathrooms mean larger water storage is required?
Generally, yes. Steph suggests always checking water storage capacity when opting for double bathroom campers.

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