Online Stores With Special Deals For Leap Year Day

Ah, Leap Year Day—a rare day that graces our calendars once every four years. For those of you on the hunt for stellar deals on this day, we’ve got your back. You’re in for a treat, as numerous online stores throw in some tantalizing discounts. But how can you make the most out of it? Here’s a compilation of the best stores, plus some savvy tips for bagging that deal.

Top Online Stores with Leap Year Specials

1. Amazon

  • Deals Galore: Amazon often launches a “Leap Year Deals” page a week before the day, showcasing a selection of discounted items.
  • Insider Tip: Watch out for “Lightning Deals” that have limited stock and time. These often feature significant discounts on popular products.

2. Best Buy

  • Tech on Discount: Best Buy’s tech section often slashes prices on popular gadgets.
  • Remember: Best Buy’s price match guarantee can come handy if you spot a better deal elsewhere.

3. Macy’s

  • Fashionista Alert: Macy’s might toss in an extra discount on clearance items.
  • Quick Tip: Join their mailing list a week in advance. They send exclusive promo codes to subscribers.

4. Zara

  • Trendy Attire: Every leap year, Zara offers up to 29% off on select items.
  • Note: Their online stock runs out fast. If you eye something, snatch it up!


  • For the Young at Heart: ASOS tends to have a “29 deals for 29% off” theme.
  • Heads Up: Their leap year day deals start at midnight, so set that alarm!

Making the Most of Your Leap Year Shopping

Use Price Comparison Tools: Before you hit ‘purchase’, run a quick check on tools like PriceGrabber or ShopSavvy. This ensures you’re genuinely bagging a bargain.

Avoid Impulse Buys: Sure, that half-priced espresso machine sounds like a steal. But will you use it? Assess if you truly need the item.

Double Up on Discounts: Scout for stores offering additional discounts when you use their mobile app or sign up for their loyalty program. Small percentages can tally up!

Check Shipping Policies: Some stores provide free shipping on Leap Year Day. Others might have a minimum purchase requirement. Always take a quick peek at their shipping details.

FAQ : Online Stores with Special Deals for Leap Year Day

Why do stores offer special deals on Leap Year Day?

It’s a marketing strategy! A rare day offers a unique selling proposition, making it a fun way for stores to boost sales.

Can I expect every online store to have leap year discounts?

Not necessarily. While many participate, it’s not a given. Always check your favorite stores ahead of time.

Do leap year deals also apply in physical stores?

Some do, some don’t. It’s always wise to compare both online and in-store prices to get the best bang for your buck.

I missed a deal! Do stores extend their offers beyond Leap Year Day?

Some might extend for a day or two, but most deals are exclusive to the day. However, fret not; many stores have clearance sales shortly after!

Leap Year Day deals can be a goldmine for the savvy shopper. With a little preparation and the right strategies, you can bag those deals without breaking a sweat. Here’s to smart shopping!

(Note: Always cross-check with the respective store’s official website or customer service before making any purchase decisions.)

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