Showering In An RV: Tips For Efficient And Comfortable Baths

As a lifelong camper and RV enthusiast, I’ve learned a thing or two about showering in an RV. And while it’s not always as glamorous as showering at home, there are a few things you can do to make it more efficient and comfortable.

Here are a few of my tips:

1. Conserve water.
RV water tanks are typically limited in size, so it’s important to conserve water when showering. One way to do this is to take shorter showers. You can also try taking a navy shower, which involves turning off the water while you soap up and shampoo.

2. Heat up the water.
RV water heaters can take a while to heat up, so it’s a good idea to start heating the water before you get in the shower. This will help to ensure that you have a warm and comfortable shower.

3. Use a showerhead with a flow restrictor.
A showerhead with a flow restrictor can help to reduce the amount of water you use in the shower.

4. Take a shower outside.
If you’re camping in a warm climate, consider taking a shower outside. This can be a great way to save water and enjoy the fresh air.

5. Be prepared for a smaller shower.
RV showers are typically smaller than showers at home. This means that you’ll need to be a little more careful about your movements.

Personally resonant tip:

One of my favorite tips for showering in an RV is to use a solar shower. A solar shower is a bag that you fill with water and leave in the sun to heat up. Once the water is heated, you can hang the shower bag from a tree or branch and shower using the included showerhead. Solar showers are a great way to save water and shower outside, even if you don’t have access to electricity.


What are some other tips for conserving water when showering in an RV?

Here are a few other tips for conserving water when showering in an RV:

  • Turn off the water while you shave or brush your teeth.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Use a bucket to collect water from the shower while you wait for it to heat up. Use this water to flush the toilet or water the plants.

What is a navy shower?

A navy shower is a type of shower that involves turning off the water while you soap up and shampoo. This can help to save a significant amount of water.

Where can I buy a solar shower?

Solar showers can be purchased at most outdoor retailers and online.

Showering in an RV can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s definitely possible to have a clean and comfortable shower. By following these tips, you can conserve water and make the most of your RV shower experience.

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