The Best RV Accessories For Kids Buyers Guide

Remember the excitement of preparing for a camping trip, ensuring you have all the essential gear? Now add kids into the mix, and the preparation becomes a thrilling challenge. Ensuring our youngest adventurers are comfortable, entertained, and safe is paramount. From my family’s RV adventures to yours, I present a handpicked list of RV accessories for kids. Ready to gear up for the ultimate family road trip?

Must-Have RV Accessories for Kids:

  1. Kid-Friendly Camping Chairs: Just like we cherish our comfy chairs around the campfire, ensure the kids have their pint-sized versions, adorned with their favorite colors or characters.
  2. RV Bunk Bed Nets: Safety first! These nets prevent the little ones from tumbling out during nighttime adventures in dreamland.
  3. Travel Games Set: Compact board games and magnetic puzzles are perfect to keep young minds engaged during those long drives.
  4. Kids’ Walkie Talkies: Not only are they fun for kids to play with, but they also come in handy when exploring vast campgrounds.
  5. Portable Night Lights: Much like our trusty lanterns, these offer comfort to kids when darkness falls, ensuring they always feel secure.

Considerations When Buying Kid Accessories:

  1. Durability: Kids’ accessories should withstand wear and tear. It’s like choosing a rugged camping tent that can endure all weather conditions.
  2. Safety: Always ensure products are child-safe with no small detachable parts or sharp edges.
  3. Age Appropriateness: Ensure the accessories are suitable for your child’s age, much like picking the right size camping gear.

Space-Saving Kid-Friendly Tableware

When on the road, space is at a premium, and so is the ability to keep things neat and organized. Kid-friendly tableware designed for RV living can be a game-changer. Look for collapsible bowls, cups, and plates. They should be made from durable, BPA-free materials that can withstand occasional drops or rough handling. The “GROWNEER 12 Packs Kids Colorful Silicone Collapsible Cups” on Amazon are a personal favorite of mine. Not only are they space-saving, but the vibrant colors also make meal times fun for kids!

Interactive Nature Journals

One of the joys of RV camping with kids is the chance to teach them about nature. An interactive nature journal can be a wonderful tool for this. Kids can jot down their observations, sketch plants or animals they encounter, and even collect small souvenirs like leaves or feathers. I’ve personally seen my kids engage more with their surroundings using the “Outdoor Adventure Nature Explorer Journal” available on Amazon. It’s educational and keeps their curiosity piqued!

Child-Safe Insect Repellents

Outdoor adventures often come with the unavoidable company of insects. Protecting your kids from bug bites is essential. But it’s equally important to choose repellents that are safe for children. The “Babyganics Natural Bug Spray” on Amazon is a product I trust. Made with natural ingredients, it’s gentle on the skin but effective against pesky critters.

Portable Playpen for Toddlers

For families traveling with toddlers, a portable playpen can be a lifesaver. It provides a safe space for the youngest members to play or nap while parents are busy setting up the campsite or cooking. The “Regalo My Play Portable Play Yard” on Amazon has been a favorite in our RV trips. Easy to set up and fold down, it ensures that your toddler has a secure space to play, no matter where you park.

Educational RV-Themed Toys

Why not make the RV experience educational as well as fun? There are fantastic RV-themed toys that not only entertain but also educate. I’ve seen my kids play for hours with the “Melissa & Doug Take-Along Wooden Doorbell Dollhouse” from Amazon. It’s a compact wooden RV with dolls, and each door has a different lock mechanism. It’s perfect for developing fine motor skills and introducing kids to the fun world of RVing.


How can I ensure the safety of bunk bed nets?

Regularly check for wear and tear and ensure they’re securely attached. Think of it as inspecting your RV’s brakes before a long journey.

Are there any space-saving toy storage solutions for RVs?

Absolutely! Opt for collapsible toy bins or under-seat storage solutions – akin to how we utilize every nook and cranny for camping gear.

What kind of outdoor toys are best for campgrounds?

Frisbees, inflatable balls, and jump ropes are great. They’re compact and can be used in various open spaces, much like our versatile camping tools.

How do I choose the right size camping chair for my child?

Check the age and weight recommendations. It’s like ensuring your sleeping bag fits snugly, offering maximum comfort.

Venturing into the great outdoors with kids amplifies the joy of exploration. It’s the combination of their wonder-filled eyes and our seasoned camping experience. With the right RV accessories, every trip becomes a cherished memory, filled with laughter, games, and the comforting hum of a well-equipped RV. So, here’s to new adventures, with our little co-explorers by our side, and the open road ahead. Happy RVing, families!

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