Understanding E-commerce Jargon: A Quick Checkout Glossary

Ever found yourself meandering through an online store, only to be bamboozled by a flurry of unfamiliar terms? Oh, the confusion they brew, especially when all you wish is a straightforward shopping spree. Feel unburdened by e-commerce jargon yet? Navigating through the labyrinth of online shopping terms need not be a puzzle anymore. Stay tuned for more demystifications, ensuring your digital shopping remains a joyous, informed escapade. And remember, you’re never alone in this; your quick-help guide is always a click away!

Clarifying E-Commerce Buzzwords

Let’s unpack these jargons. “Shopping Cart Abandonment” isn’t an act of leaving your cart in a virtual alley. It reflects the intriguing phenomenon where shoppers add items to their carts but vanish before finalizing the purchase. Puzzling, yet such a crucial metric to decode buyer behaviour and streamline the checkout process for you.

Payment Gateways

Imagine your cash embarking on a digital journey to the merchant. “Payment Gateway” is that secure tunnel ensuring your hard-earned money travels safely from your account to the store, unscathed by virtual pickpockets. Ensuring a robust, secure gateway isn’t just beneficial for the seller but vital to guard your financial details against unsolicited adventures.

Payment Gateways

PCI Compliance

Seeing “PCI Compliant” splashed on a website isn’t mere techno-jargon; it’s your financial shield. A PCI Compliant website ensures your payment details are stored and transmitted with an iron-clad security layer, keeping digital pilferers at bay. A vital checkpoint ensuring your online splurges remain joyous, without unwarranted financial surprises.

PCI Compliance


Ever wondered how certain products pop up first on your search engine? “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO is the subtle art of whispering into the internet’s ear, ensuring products find a cozy spot on your search results, beckoning your click. Effective SEO isn’t merely seller-centric; it curates a smoother, more relevant shopping experience for you.



“Dropshipping” might sound like a funky, new shipping method. However, it’s a business model where the seller doesn’t stock items. Upon your purchase, the order is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep. Your order thus takes an exclusive, direct route, bypassing numerous stopovers.


What’s the deal with SSL Certificates? “SSL Certificate” is like the secure lock on your online transactions’ door. Websites with SSL encrypt data (like your payment info), shielding it from virtual snoopers ensuring secure, serene shopping.

What is this ‘Wholesale’ model all about? Essentially, “Wholesale” implies buying goods in bulk, typically at a lower per-unit price. For you, it could be a budget-friendly option when purchasing items you frequently use or plan to resell.

Is ‘Omnichannel’ another marketing gimmick? Not quite! “Omnichannel” reflects a retailer’s ability to provide you with a seamless shopping experience, whether in-store, online, or through other platforms. It’s about harmonizing various shopping avenues for your convenience.

Does ‘User Experience (UX)’ impact my shopping? Absolutely! UX revolves around crafting an online environment that’s intuitive and delightful for you to navigate. A positive UX ensures you find what you need with ease and joy, crafting a pleasant virtual shopping trip.

What on Earth is ‘Retargeting’? Ever noticed ads for items you viewed haunting other websites you visit? That’s “Retargeting” – a strategy where ads gently remind (or, well, stalk) you about products you’ve glanced at, coaxing you to revisit and purchase.


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