Year-Round Campgrounds Near Me: Open All Seasons

If you’re looking for a year-round campground near you, you’re in luck! There are many great options available, whether you’re looking for a campground with a variety of amenities or a more rustic experience.

Here are a few tips for finding a year-round campground near you:

  • Use a campground directory. There are a number of campground directories available online and in print. These directories can help you find campgrounds near you that are open all seasons.
  • Check with your state park system. Many state park systems have campgrounds that are open all seasons.
  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations. If you know anyone who enjoys camping, ask them for recommendations for year-round campgrounds.

Once you’ve found a few potential campgrounds, be sure to read reviews and compare amenities before booking. Some things to consider include:

  • What types of campsites are available? Do the campsites have hookups for electricity, water, and sewer?
  • What amenities does the campground offer? Does the campground have a swimming pool, playground, or other amenities that are important to you?
  • Is the campground pet-friendly? If you have a pet, make sure to choose a campground that allows pets.

Here are a few of my favorite year-round campgrounds:

  • Thousand Trails – Thousand Trails has a network of campgrounds all over the United States. Many of their campgrounds are open all seasons and offer a variety of amenities, including swimming pools, playgrounds, and activity programs.
  • Passport America – Passport America is a discount camping program that offers savings on camping rates at campgrounds all over the United States. Many of their campgrounds are open all seasons and offer a variety of amenities.
  • KOA – KOA is a popular chain of campgrounds that offer a variety of amenities, including swimming pools, playgrounds, and camp stores. Many of their campgrounds are open all seasons.

No matter what your budget or camping style, there’s a year-round campground near you that’s perfect for you. So get out there and start planning your next camping trip!


What are the benefits of camping year-round?

There are many benefits to camping year-round. For one, you can avoid the crowds that are common during the summer months. You can also enjoy different activities and scenery depending on the season. For example, you can go skiing or snowboarding in the winter and hiking or fishing in the summer.

What are some things to keep in mind when camping year-round?

When camping year-round, it’s important to be prepared for all types of weather conditions. Make sure to pack appropriate clothing and gear for the season. You should also check the weather forecast before you go camping and be prepared to adjust your plans if necessary.

What are some tips for finding affordable year-round campgrounds?

There are a number of ways to find affordable year-round campgrounds. You can use a campground directory, check with your state park system, or ask your friends and family for recommendations. You can also look for campgrounds that offer discounts, such as Thousand Trails, Passport America, and KOA.

Camping year-round is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and create lasting memories with your family and friends. With a little planning, you can find a year-round campground near you that is perfect for your needs and budget.

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